Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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TVC Matrix Motor Club Of America

The TVC matrix refers to an affiliate marketing program that is supported by the Motor Club of America, a company that was founded in 1926 and specializes in offering emergency roadside assistance plans as well as other benefits. The TVC matrix allows members to make money by selling membership to prospective buyers. However, you will first need to join the Motor Club of America where you are required to pay a fee of $39.95 before you can enroll for TVC Matrix. This fee covers for your subscription for the first and last month. Once you have successfully joined the Motor Club of America, you can then join the TVC Matrix though a sponsor so that your personal affiliate link that you will use for promotion will be sent to you. In addition, you will also have access to your own replicated website where you can track your sales and revenue.

You will need to purchase your monthly TVC membership in order to take part in the compensationplan. The good thing about this is that you are at liberty to choose from three different membership plans namely the Security Motor Club at $9.95, the Security Plus Motor Club at $14.95 and the Total Security Motor Club at $19.95. Consequently, the compensation plan details vary across these three plans.

Each of these plans comes with numerous benefits that include emergency road service, travelassistance reimbursement, trip planning and travel reservations, arrest bond, bail bond, attorney fees and services, stolen vehicle reward, credit card protection, free discount card for prescriptions, dental and vision care, emergency reimbursement, daily hospital benefit, accidental death benefit and the travel assistance program. Others include legal services deeply discounted fixed fee schedule and attorney discounted hourly rates among others.

The sponsor plays a very vital role of providing training their downline on how to start and make the most of this opportunity because you will not make money by merely joining. The TVC matrix compensation plan is quite lucrative. In fact, you can be sure or getting an upfront commission of 200% when you sign up a new member. That is, whenever you refer and sponsor someone to purchase the $39.95 membership plan you are entitled to receive a commission of $80.

To simplify this, double your initial investment at a 200% Return on Investment (ROI) for each person joining under your referral. Furthermore, you will also earn bonuses as per the number of referrals that are under your downline as well as your monthly subscription plan. This means that you need to promote your referral link aggressively.

This can be done through different ways. First, you need to ensure that you invite your friends either face to face or by sending them an email. Secondly, make use of the replicated website that is given to you to promote your referral link. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that you update the site regularly so that it ranks well. Thirdly, advertise your referral link on different social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, paid ads or free classifieds. Finally, promote your referral link on your other website or blog. In summary, the TVC matrix is a great opportunity to make passive income through any of the three membership referral rewards plans. Therefore, you will need to work smart in order to benefit from the unique business model that is supported by the Motor Club of America.

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