Sunday, August 16, 2015

Most Effective Social Media Apps.

Timeful is a calendar app that has just joined the Google empireTimeful helps you with time management. You can customize the app to your needs, setting your to do list preferences and most productive time of day. Using Timeful, you can keep up with a hectic daily schedule. It is available on iOS.
LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site, it has more than 300 million users. It offers an app that enables you to edit your profile, to see the latest news of your field, to check out joboffers and save them on your mobile device. You can use LinkedIn app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Facebook is social networking itself, it is the most popular social media site. It allows you to update your status, post images and videos from your smartphone and to use a range of Facebook apps. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Using Gmail app, you have access to five different Gmail accounts and you can check out your emails from your iOS or Android. 
Twitter, one of the big players of the social networking field, allows you to follow up your Twitter account and your friends’ tweets. Wherever you are, you can see what is going on with your friends. Twitter app is available from iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Instagram enables you to edit and share images. Instagram is probably the most successful application; as of December 2014, it has had over 300 million active users. In 2012, Facebook has bought Instagram and Instagram has outpaced the parent company the next year. In 2013, Instagram grew by twenty-three percent, while Facebook grew by three percent. You can use Instagram on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.
Snapchat allows you to post images and videos to your acquaintances. It also offers a specific feature, Stories, which means that you can arrange your pictures and videos into a visual “status”. The app enables you to send text, too. You can use it on iOS and Android.
WhatsApp enables you to contact your friends right away, real time. As soon as you send your message, your friends can read it at once. You can send images, voice messages and videos through WhatsApp. Facebook has bought WhatsApp and paid 19 billion for it. You can use it on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Secret lets you tell the world what is going on with you, without any consequences, because other users will see your messages, but they will not see who has sent them. You can post any message without identifying yourself, and you can send anonymous comments on others’ posts. It is for iOS and Android.

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