Monday, September 18, 2017

How to Make Money on Investing in Stocks

If you want to invest money, you may purchase assets whose value is growing.
When you buy art, antiques, real estate properties, stocks, businesses, or precious metal, you know their value will grow, it means that you purchase them now and you will sell them later for a higher price. 
You can also buy assets that produce income, for example, bonds.
Businesses need money for various purposes, mostly to expand the business and increase profits, so they issue stocks to receive money from investors, which means investors who buy stocks will own part of the business, its earnings and assets. The value of stocks may grow as time goes by, you can follow up the ebb and flow of prices on Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.
Dividend stock means that you receive part of the business’s profit, and it pays even though the share price is decreasing. features a list of dividend stocks.
Stocks are less expensive than other assets like real estate properties. Nobody can give you guarantees that the stock you buy has increasing value, but since 1926, on average, stocks have returned 10%, so chances are that your investment will be successful in the long run.
Investing for retirement and other long-term goals improves your portfolio. 
Experts say stocks are the best investment for long-term goals, but if you are thinking of a short-term investment, you risk losing money. Prices at the stock exchange change quickly – so does the value of the stock you purchased. If you need money fast, stocks are not your best opportunity. Long term means that you should invest your money for at least five years.
Make sure that you choose stable companies with lots of satisfied shareholders.

Purchasing different types of stocks, for example, domestic and international stocks as well as stocks of small businesses and established companies, makes your investment safer. Even if one kind of stocks has issues, the others may make up for your loss.
If you are ready to invest money in stocks, turn to a licensed broker firm.
Instead of buying individual stocks, you can purchase stock funds, you may invest in a wide range of stocks, depending on your goals with your investment.
Mutual funds are managed by a fund expert. If you purchase mutual funds, you may own several stocks.
Exchange-traded funds are different assets, remember that they, like individual stocks, example the S&P 500. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Multi-level marketing is definitely the way to go for people aspiring to have more than just enough to get by on.  Most of the world's leading economic forecasters say that by the turn of the century, fully 75% of the world's consumer business will be conducted via multi-level marketing plans.

 The thing to do is to learn all you can about this method of selling - how it works, and why it works - and then to get going with a multi-level marketing program that can accumulate a fortune for you.  Make no mistake about it, multi-level marketing has made a lot of people very rich already, and will make a lot more people even richer in the coming years.

 Multi-level marketing is based upon the idea of each person involved selling only to his or her friends, with each of these people in turn, introducing their friends into the program.  It's definitely an "endless chain" idea that has unlimited money-making potential.

 Theoretically, everybody knows or comes into contact with an average of 100 different people each week.  If only 10 of those people were to give you $10 per week, you would have an income of $100 per week.  And then, if these people were to duplicate your efforts, passing back to you, $1 for each new person they enlisted into the program, your income would soon become astronomical!

 Undoubtedly, you've heard the story of how you can become rich simply by saving a penny a day, and doubling it each day for 30 days.  And then, there are the pyramid or chain letter schemes that we've all been offered.  Multi-level marketing, in prinicple, works the same way, with the only difference being in the product offered for sale.

 All of these programs work to some degree - because there are government restrictions and laws against the perpetuation of these ideas - most of them make a big splash when they are fitst introduced, and then quickly die out.  However, the concept of initiating a program that sellg itself via an endless chain will always be popular because it holds the promise of bringing riches if only the chain isn't broken.

 So, multi-level marketing appeals to everybody because it's an opportunity for all the participants to get rich with a minimum investment, and very little time or effort or involvement.

 It works because everybody wants to become rich.  It's an idea that anyone - regardless of education, background or basic financial status - can perpetuate from the privacy of his or her own home.

 The basic fallacy of multi-level marketing is in the number of people each individual participant can easily enlist into the program.  After you've talked to all your relatives, your neighbors, co-workers, and friends across town, you're more or less stymied as to new people to bring into the program.

 The bottom line is simply that you cannot recruit everybody you talk to - in fact, if you enlist 10% of the people you attempt to interest in the program, you'll be doint well.  You're going to get some rejections, and these rejections are basically what turns most people off - deflates their ego, drains their enthusiasm, and in the end, is the primary reason they drop out.

 Regardless of what you sell, you must always have a goal in mind - you intend to sell 10 units of a product or recruit 10 new people into your program between now and the first of the month.  You've got to believe that you can do it - want to do it - and then get out and beat the bushes until you do do it!  Once you've achieved this first goal, you should take a day off and reward yourself with a ight on the town or the splurging on something you've always wanted.

 But then, after setting a goal for yourself, and then proving that you can achieve it, you should set a new goal for yourself - if you recruited 10 new people into your program last month, then this month, you're going to bring in 15 new members.

 You're going to make the really big money in multi-level marketing by selling "business start-up kits," and not really from spending time inspiring or motivating the people you've already brought into the program.  In otherwords, sell the program to as many people as possible, and count on the motivational/money-making opportunities within your dealer start-up kit to cause them to put forth the effort to get out and try to make some money on their own. In the end, and as the old saying goes:  you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it - any time and or energy you spend "calling back" on the people you've already sold, is going to cost you money and limit your gross income.  To be successful in selling - and this is the secret to multi-level riches - you must present your program to as many people as possible.  Close the sale with your first presentation, and let the buyer either get wth it, or die from his own lack of initiative.

 It's as simple as that - the more people you present your program to, the more sales you're going to make.  Don't worry about the people who have already bought from you - they either will or they won't, and there's nothing you can do about it.

 Obviously, if you spend all your time on the telephone inviting people over to a Special Opportunity Party at your house, and then another 3-hours presenting your program to them, it's going to take you a long time to present your program to 10,000 people and make $10,000...

 And, your costs to rent a hall - advertise - and present a seminar program - will amount to more than you tak in.  If you have the initial promotional abilities, the credit and/or cash, and a really dynamic program - you can make it big, and quickly, by staging seminar-type meeting at the rate of 3 to 5 per week.  Still, this is expensive and time consuming - a lot of work on your part, and not the easiest, most profitable way to go.

 The only logical way to go - to reach as many people as possible for the least amount of money and effort on your part - is via the mails.  In other words, the marrying of your multi-level marketing efforts to mail order will be the least expensive and most profitable for you.

 You can send out 50,000 sales letters and multi-level program brochures in one month, and theoretically make %50,000 form an expenditure of $10,000 or less - a return of $5 for every dollar invested, which isn't bad...

 Basically, it's even easier than that!  You should have some ideal of how mail order works - what makes it profitable and the reasons why - and with this understanding, combine the "easy riches" appeal of your multi-level program with mail order selling.

 Here's our recommendation:  1)  Write a short, one-page report outlining the basic Success Secrets of multi-level marketing.  You can tag-line this report with an invitation for the readers to send for a complete or more detailed manual or tape relative to multi-level marketing how-to; a directory or current listing of money-making multi-level programs; or even a listing of other reports relative to money-making home-based businesses you have for sale.

 2)  Once you have such a report, the next thing for you to do is advertise.  Write an ad such as:  FREE REPORT!...  Money-making secrets of multi-level marketers.  SASE to Your name, address, city, state, zip.

 3)  Place this ad in one of the national publications carrying lots of mail order advertisements - such as The National Inquirer, American Business, Money-making Opportunities, Entrupreneur, Income Opportunities, Specialty Salesman or any one of the hundreds of other such publications.  It is our recommendation that you contract to run such an ad over three issues.  This will give your ad maximum exposure, and should result in an overwhelming number of responses for you.

 4)  In reply to each SASE you receive, first list the name and address of each respondent, along with the date received and what you send back to them, on 3 by 5 cards.  Arrange these cards in zip code and alphabetical order, and store them in an old shoe box.  Then, you take your one page report and along with your multi-level marketing brochure - your program - you stuff the envelopes and drop them off in your nearest mail box.

 If your ad runs in The National Inquirer, you could expect to get 1,000 or more responses each time it runs.  So far, your cost is for the ad - the printing of the one page report - and your multi-level program brochures.  From these 1,000 free reports you send out you should be able to convert about 300 into new members into the multi-level program you're promoting.

 Thus, for an initial cost of $30 for the ad - $100 for the MLM brochures - and the time it takes you to stuff the enveloes - 300 buyers at $10 each wil give you a gross of $3,000...  And that's how you parlay your multi-level program into a fortune, using mail order selling techniques.

 One very important thing to always remember relative to starting a new business:  You cannot take any money coming in from your business advertising, and use it to pay your "everyday" bills.  In other words, you cannot expect to use this money to live on - you have to pour it back into your business to perpetuate that flow of income.

 Whenever you advertise, in addition to replies to your offer, you can expect a "ton of mail" from other people trying to interest you in what they're selling.  Basically, you should go through all of the "junk mail" and look over, save the stuff that looks interesting, is well done, or that you can learn from, and perhaps "lift" some ideas from for use in your own selling efforts.

 Compile the names of the people and/or companies sending these offers to you.  Just as with those replying to your advertised offer, jot down the date and a short description of the material received - and then send them a sales letter/brochure about your multi-level program.  In sending out sales letters/brochures to these people, you don't have to send them out immediately.  You can list these people in an "incoming offer notebook," and then include them with your regualr direct mail packages you send out.  But for sure, clip the spamps and save the incoming envelopes along with those from your bona fide replies.

 5)  So you've spent $150 and made about $3,000 in a period of about three months.  Now you want to perpetuate this income, and build it to twice that amount coming in every month.  What you do is take the income from that first ad, and increase your advertising.  In other words, use it to buy ad space in as many other publications as possible.

 If your first $150 brought in $3,000 from exposure in just one publication, $2,000 will bring you $50,000 from exposure in 10 different publications.  Continue multiplying your advertising exposure and it won't be long before you will be "snowed under" will dollar bills, checks and money orders.  Remember this though, you cannot really spend any of that money on yourself until the business is bringing in several thousand dollars per month on a regular basis.  You have to pour it back into the business in order to allow your business to reach its full potential.

 6)  Make up a one-page "Money Tree" circular, similar to our which is included as reference material within this report.  Be sure that you keep the cost to "find out about your program"  to $2 or less.  Then, with a listing of money making reports such as our - printed on the back of your "Money Tree" circular - shotgun this out to as many people as possible.

 We've had outstanding success handing them out at local shopping centers, passing them out door-to-door, and by including them as "ride-alongs" with our bulk mailing program.  The important this again, is to present your offer to as many different people as possible - particularly to those people with an itch to get rich quick...

 In addition to circulating your "Money Tree" flyers by hand, you should rent or buy - on a regular basis - as many different mailing lists of income opportunity seekers as you can afford, and shotgun one of your circualrs to each of these names.  The publishers of this report (Premier) has names and address of customers for $35 per thousand, on peel and stick labels.  You can also find inexpensive mailing list suppliers in just about any publication that carries mail order advertising.

 For sure, you should spend the money to obtain a 3rd class bulk rate mailing permit, and then use it to sen out all your mailings.  Start by sending out 250 pieces per week, and then gradually increase your volume to the point where you're sendin out 5,000 or more pieces per week, and you'll be in business.

 7)  So the secrets to getting rich in mail order have to do with presenting a free offer most people will find hard to pass up.  You make your money from whatever you send out in reply to the people taking you up on the free offer.

 You send them a copy of your free report, plus your multi-level marketing brochure.  You can stop there if you want, but there's lots more money to be made just from these initial efforts.

 Follow -up offers to people who, themselves are out beting the bushes attempting to drum up extra income, is the way the game is played.  So, when you receive all these names and addresses of people interested in receiving a report on multi-level marketing, you compile the names and rent or sell them to other multi-level operators.

 You do this simply by making up a one-page sales letter type of flyer or circular, offering your names for rent at whatever price you want to charge, and then by including this flyer in your outgoing mail.

 Besides includig your "Money Tree" circular, and the mailing list rental offer, you should also include a one page circular describing and offering for sale, a listing of your money-making reports.  And then, by soliciting co-op mailings from other mail order operators, you'll have a "pretty full" envelope of offers going out.

 Finally, the one thing you must always bear in mind is how your mailing package looks to the person receiving it.  Your envelopes should be professionally printed with your return address - your sales letters should be written to impress the recipient; no misspelled words or smudges from erasures or worn out typewriters; and the eye-appeal of your coupons or offers which are included; and by all means, the quality of your multi-level brochure.  Although multiple colored printing does tend to pull better than just black and white, you can do very well starting with just black and white materials so long as the image you project is all professional.  Photo-copying your offers and hoping for the best, just won't do.  The more affluent you appear to be, from your envelope to each offer contained within, the better your chances of making a sale.

 So, that's how it's done - you can take these methods of how we have done it, maybe even improve upon them a bit, and make tons of money - or you can set everything aside and tell yourself that you'll get started on it next week.  The thing is, the instructions are vaild and the opportunity is here and now - whatever you do is up to you.